Membership Agreement

Section 1: General Provisions

Article 1 (Purpose)
This organization, consists of Members supporting CIX (hereinafter: "The Artist"), and was created for the purpose of supporting The Artist.

Article 2 (Membership Agreement)
1. This Membership agreement (hereinafter: "This Agreement") applies for all uses of the services provided by the CIX Japan Official Fanclub (hereinafter: "The Club") by Members (defined in Article 4), and anyone joining The Club will be considered to have agreed to the terms of This Agreement.
2. The usage agreements for the notifications issued to Members by The Club defined in Article 3 and the various services provided for Members defined separately (hereinafter: "Usage Agreements, Etc.") are all considered to be parts of This Agreements, regardless of their individual names.
3. If the terms of This Agreement differ from those found in Usage Agreements, Etc., the applicable Usage Agreements, Etc. will be given precedence.

Article 3 (Notifications to Members)
Notifications to Members will be sent to the email address registered with The Club, posted on the website operated by The Club, or issued using another method determined appropriate by The Club.

Section 2: Members

Article 4 (Members)
With This Agreement, the term “Members” refers to individuals who have completed the procedure specified by The Club, agreed to the terms of This Agreement, been approved by The Club, and paid membership registration fees and yearly dues, however The Club may reject membership applications at its discretion.
Members are required to meet all of the following criteria.
 (1) At the time of registration, the information supplied by Members in their applications must all be true.
 (2) Members must be individuals, not companies.
 (3) Members must complete payment for membership registration fees, yearly dues, ticket purchases, and all other payments to The Club by the date specified and using the method designated by The Club.
 (4) Members must have no past history of membership cancellation enforced by The Club.
 (5) Members must never have resold or attempted to resell tickets purchased or attempted to be purchased from The Club or any items similar to tickets.
 (6) Members must not join The Club for any purpose other than private enjoyment, including using membership for status or rights.
 (7) Members must provide a copy of their photo ID whenever The Club determines this to be necessary.

Article 5 (Approval of Membership)
1. The Club shall receive membership applications, carry out necessary investigations and processes, and approve these memberships using methods defined separately.
2. If membership applicants are minors at the time of their applications, they must acquire approval from a parent when applying.
3. If The Club determines any of the following to apply to an individual at the time they submitted their membership application, The Club may deny the applicable membership in some cases.
 (1) Any of the criteria in Article 4 (1) - (7) are not met.
 (2) The Club determines the applying individual to be unsuitable as a Member for some other reason.
4. Even if The Club has already approved membership, if any of the criteria in the previous article are found to not apply, approval may be withdrawn, and the applicable Member may be ejected from the club.

Article 6 (Members Benefits)
1. Members are eligible to receive the following benefits. Benefits are provided in Japanese. Member benefit items and content are subject to change.
 (1) Allowed to submit applications for concert and event tickets in advance of the general public.
 (2) Congratulatory emails or messages on Members’ birthdays.
 (3) Viewing rights for a limited Members-only blog.
 (4) Viewing rights for Members-only images and videos.
 (5) Membership and continuation bonus goods delivered to a registered address in Japan.
 (6) Other benefits determined by The Club.

Article 7 (Dues, Etc.)
1. Members shall pay fees (hereinafter: “Dues, Etc.”) determined separately to The Club at the time of registration and when renewing the valid period for their membership.
2. Dues, Etc. will be paid using a payment method determined separately by The Club.
3. Members are prohibited from carrying out any of the following actions related to the credit card company or bank account used for the specified payment method.
 (1) Misrepresenting the name of the person the credit card is registered to.
 (2) Fraudulently using another person’s credit card.
 (3) Other actions determined inappropriate by the applicable credit card company or financial institution.

Article 8 (Valid Period for Membership)
1. The valid period for memberships (hereinafter: “Valid Period”) is defined as starting from the joining date (the date membership is approved by The Club) and ending at the end of the month which the date one year after this day is part of (hereinafter: “Membership Expiration Date”). The Membership Expiration Date is listed on the dedicated MyPage for Members.
2. Members who wish to continue their membership and extend it beyond their initial Membership Expiration Date must pay dues for the next fiscal year by the deadline (arrival by deadline) determined separately using the specified method. When this payment is confirmed, the applicable Membership Expiration Date will be extended for a one-year period starting from the day after the initial Membership Expiration Date.
3. When the Membership Expiration Date passes, the applicable Member’s membership will no longer be valid. However, if the applicable Member completes the membership continuation procedure specified by The Club by the end of the month after their Membership Expiration Date, membership qualification will be reinstated.
 In this case, Membership Expiration Date will be extended in the same way as when this procedure is completed prior to the Membership Expiration Date.
4. For the case in the previous clause, The Club will not resend email service messages and bonuses from the time period between membership loss and completion of the continuation procedure, and Members cannot request this.

Article 9 (Members Obligations, Etc.)
1. Members shall take personal responsibility for managing the Members codes and benefits provided by The Club, and if Members suffer losses due to insufficient management, improper usage, or third-party use of these codes and benefits, The Club shall bear no responsibility whatsoever.
2. Members are prohibited from providing for use or transferring Members codes and benefits provided by The Club to any third party or changing the name associated with said codes and benefits without the permission of The Club.
3. If registration information such as the name, address and phone number provided to The Club by Members at the time of registration changes, Members shall promptly notify The Club using its specified notification method.
4. If Members neglect to provide the notification in the previous clause, The Club shall bear no responsibility for any notifications it issues not reaching the applicable Members.

Article 10 (Prohibitions)
Members are prohibited from carrying out any of the following actions in the course of using The Club.
 (1) Any use of materials such as data, information, text, sound, images, illustration acquired through The Club (hereinafter: “Data, Etc.”) which exceeds the definition of personal use in Japan’s Copyright Act, including but not limited to duplication, sales, publication, and broadcast enabling.
 (2) Actions which infringe upon the property, privacy, or likeness usage rights of The Artist or any third party or which are suspected of infringing on said rights.
 (3) Actions which slander or damage the reputation or credit of The Artist or any third party or which are suspected or such slander or damage.
 (4) Reselling ticket advance purchasing rights, tickets, goods, benefits, and other rights acquired through membership to a third party through an internet auction or other means, or surrendering, transferring, or providing said rights to a third party through a name change, or pledging them as collateral.
 (5) Requesting contact or a meeting from The Artist or requesting The Club contact The Artist or arrange such a meeting.
 (6) Activities which use The Club for the purpose of acquiring benefits for the applicable Member of a third party or which are in preparation for said activities (hereinafter, “Commercial Activities”).
 (7) Using The Club for preliminary activities for a political election, electioneering, similar actions, or actions which conflict with the Public Offices Election Act.
 (8) Using The Club for religious activities, including propaganda, the establishment of a religious organization, activities of said organization, or other related actions such as member recruitment.
 (9) In addition to the items above, any actions which are in violation of laws, ordinances, or public morals or which inhibit the operations of The Club are also prohibited.

Article 11 (Withdrawal from The Club)
1. Members who wish to withdraw from The Club must submit a notification to The Club using the specified method.
2. For withdrawing Members, The Club shall bear no responsibility for reimbursement of any membership and service usage fees paid to The Club.
3. For any fees owed to The Club for the use of Members benefits to purchase products or the use of The Club services, if Members owe payment at the time of their withdrawal, these payment obligations cannot be avoided by withdrawing from The Club.

Article 12 (Membership Suspension and Cancellation)
1. If any of the following apply to Members, The Club may immediately suspend or cancel membership qualification for the applicable Members without prior notification. In addition, if Members qualifications are canceled, the applicable Members must immediately pay all outstanding debts to the Company in full. Regardless of the reason for cancellation, the Company shall bear no responsibility for repayment of any fees which have already been paid (however, if the amount of repayment negated by this clause exceeds average losses suffered by the Company, this does not apply for the excess).
 (1) Information submitted for membership registration is found to have been fraudulent.
 (2) The applicable Member has committed actions comparable to the prohibited actions defined in Article 10.
 (3) The applicable Member is late paying fees or unable to pay what The Club is owed.
 (4) Regardless of the execution of a purchase contract, the applicable Member has not completed the procedure for a bank wire transfer or other payment method.
 (5) The applicable Member has inhibited the operation of The Club services, regardless of the method used.
 (6) The credit card or payment bank account has been suspended by the credit card company, receiving agent service, or financial institution.
 (7) The Company has determined that the applicable Member has registered multiple account, regardless of whether this has been done using their own name or another person’s name.  (8) The applicable Member has resold or transferred tickets which they purchased or received for commercial purposes, or has attempted to do so.
 (9) The applicable Member has violated This Agreement in some way aside from the above.
 (10) The Company has reasonable ground for determining the applicable Member unfit for membership for some other reason.
2. If any of the above items are determined to apply to Members and the applicable actions have caused The Club or a third party to suffer losses, the applicable Members shall be liable for reparations commensurate with these losses.

Section 3: Other

Article 13 (Ticket Agreement)
Regarding the handling of tickets sold or distributed to Members by The Club (hereinafter “Tickets”), The Club or outsourced contractor involved shall carry out selling or distribution in accordance with the ticket agreement determined separately.

Article 14 (Service Content Modification, Etc.)
1. The Club may modify the content of Members benefits and other services without any prior notification to Members required. However, if these modifications could cause severe disadvantages to Members, prior notification within a reasonable amount of time is required.
2. In the case above, The Club shall notify the Members using the method defined in Article 3.

Article 15 (Suspension of Services, Etc.)
1. The Club may suspend or terminate all or a portion of its services without prior notification to Members when necessary due to circumstances related to The Artist or management conditions of The Club which could not have been predicted.
2. In the case above, The Club shall notify the Members using the method defined in Article 3.

Article 16 (Dissolution of The Club and Managing Company Change)
1. The Club may dissolve itself if continuing operations is determined to be impossible due to conditions of The Artist’s activities or other circumstances.
2. In the case above, The Club will not reimburse payments made by Members for Dues, Etc. or products purchases services used as Members benefits. In addition, if any of the following conditions occur, The Club may temporarily suspend or terminate its operations without prior notification to Members.
 (1) Regular or emergency system maintenance is being conducted.
 (2) The Club is unable to carry out operations due to an emergency situation such as a fire or power outage.
 (3) The Club is unable to carry out operations due to a natural disaster such as an earthquake, volcanic eruption, flooding, or tsunami.
 (4) The Club is unable to carry out operations due to conditions such as war, an uprising, riots, or labor disputes.
 (5) The Club determines that a temporary suspension or termination of services is required for some other reason.
3. The Club may carry out a transfer or succession shifting all or a portion of business related to its operations and Members contracts to a third party. Members of The Club hereby consent to said transfer or succession in advance.

Article 17 (Reparations)
If Members cause The Club or a third party to suffer losses from causes attributable to their own responsibility related to usage of The Club, the applicable Members shall be required to make reparations commensurate with said losses.

Article 18 (Exemptions from Responsibility)
1. The Artist and The Club shall bear no responsibility for the services of The Club, with the exception of cases with causes attributable to The Artist or The Club.
2. Questions related to The Club’s operations and Members shall be received solely by The Club.
3. If a notification is issued with an application deadline and this deadline passes with the applicable notification unconfirmed by Members, the applicable Members forfeit their right to apply. Inquiries cannot be accepted after the application deadline has passed.
4. If Members are unable to receive tickets or other related items for specified performance dates due to being out when the delivery comes and the event date passes, the applicable tickets will be void, and no reimbursement of the purchase price will be provided. In addition, if these tickets are digital, The Club or its outsourced contractor shall bear no responsibility for anything that happens to these digital tickets after the date they can be downloaded (e-ticket issuance date).
5. If The Club provides notifications through some other means aside from email, newsletters, and display on The Club website, even if Members are unable to receive the applicable media due to limitations in their usage environment, the applicable Members have no right to object as long as the communication method is reasonably commonplace and socially widespread.
6. Notifications for performances may be issued simultaneously via the website and email alongside other media.
7. Members acknowledge that the seats for tickets purchased through The Club may not necessarily be located further forward than those purchased through other channels and that since seat assignments and ticket numbers are assigned via lottery, not on a first-come, first-served basis. Accordingly, Members have no right to object to these conditions. The Club may be unable to provide adjoining seats when multiple tickets are purchased together in some cases.
8. The Club shall bear no responsibility for credit card or convenience store payment failures.
9. The Company provides no guarantees of any kind related to The Club services and related emails, contents, tickets, and other products and services, included but not limited to guarantees that they will meet Members expectations, will be suitable for specific uses, are free of contamination with viruses, have only accurate information listed, or are the truth.

Article 19 (Agreement Changes)
1. The Club may change, add to, revise, or remove content from This Agreement without any prior notification provided to Members. However, if these modifications have major effects on the Members, prior notification within a reasonable amount of time is required.
2. In the case above, The Club shall notify the Members using the method defined in Article 3.

Article 20 (Consultation Matters)
If there are matters not defined in This Agreement or uncertainties arise related to its interpretation, the Members and The Club shall engage in joint consultation to resolve these issues.

Article 21 (Governing Law and Jurisdiction)
The execution, fulfillment, and interpretation of is governed by Japanese Law, and both the Members and The Club hereby agree that Tokyo District Court will have exclusive jurisdiction over the first hearing for any disputes between the two parties related to This Agreement. In addition, even if the application of the governing law of a country other than Japan is compulsive due to Members residence, the provisions of This Agreement will remain valid, with the exception of those rendered null and void due to being in violation of said governing law.

CIX Japan Official Fanclub
1-7-2 Kojimachi, Chiyoda Ward, Tokyo 102-0083
Supplementary provisions
Membership agreement established: August 26, 2019
Partial revision: August 24, 2020